Storskogen acquires Cuben Utbildning

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Storskogen has entered into an agreement to acquire Cuben Utbildning via its subsidiary Strigo. Cuben is a provider of adult- and vocational education in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Cuben reported a turnover of SEK 101m and an EBITA of SEK 14m in 2020. Storskogen expects to complete the acquisition in the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

Cuben offers Swedish for immigrants (“SFI”) and adult- and vocational education. The company also provides labour market education and matching services. Cuben is an add-on acquisition of Strigo, a competence Group with a focus on adult development in life. Strigo consists of companies in adult education, labour market education, company education, staffing and matching services under three brands, Omsorgslyftet Utbildningar, MoA Lärcentrum och Veldi.

The acquisition of Cuben complements and broadens Strigo’s offering within adult education and SFI and contributes to a strengthened geographical position in Gothenburg and Stockholm. The two companies will operate under separate brands but there are several opportunities for collaboration between the companies to further strengthen each business, according to Jens Porsgaard, CEO of Strigo.

”Cuben Utbildning is well known to us as an education provider for adults with a focus on high quality and flexibility in their business. We are happy that Cuben wants to be a part of Strigo where we will aim to match each other and take the next step together, which will strengthen our position as a leading provider of adult education in Gothenburg and Stockholm”, says Jens Porsgaard, CEO of Strigo.

Cuben was founded in 2010 by Sanna Ahrens and Marie Medström, who will continue to operate the company during a transitional period.

“During the past decade we have developed a fantastic business together with our employees. To provide the best opportunities for the company going forward and to continue the development in the long-term, it is time for us to hand over Cuben to new owners. We are happy and proud that Cuben will become a part of Strigo and Storskogen, who will continue to develop Cuben based on its strengths and potential”.

The company will be part of Storskogen’s business area Services and the vertical HR and Competence for which Lina Falk Jimenez, Senior Investment Manager at Storskogen, is responsible for.

“Cuben Utbildning has built a fine business that complements Strigo, both in terms of educational offering and geography. The two companies share the same values and passion for education with a commitment to develop people and deliver high-quality education. Cuben is a natural piece to the puzzle in strengthening Strigo’s and Storskogen’s position within adult education”, says Lina Falk Jimenez, Senior Investment Manager.

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