Storskogen as an investment

An investment in Storskogen offers unique exposure to small and medium-sized unlisted companies, which are generally difficult to access as an investor. Storskogen’s business units have sales just below SEK 280 million on average, are market leaders in their segments, generate good  cash flows and create positive and sustainable developments in their respective industry. 

Long-term value creation

Storskogen’s long-term ownership requires the business units to be persistently profitable and able to adapt to changing conditions in society, for example in terms of legislation, customer and consumption patterns, as well as to global challenges such as climate change. Storskogen has an active but decentralised ownership model, which means that its business units retain a great deal of responsibility and independence while Storskogen provides expertise, funding and opportunities for knowledge sharing.


Through its business units, Storskogen has a presence in three business areas and 30 countries. Historically, the business units have been resilient in economic downturns, and the operational and geographical diversification provides the Group with good conditions for endurance and stability also in the future.

Proven acquisition model

Storskogen has a proven acquisition model with clear acquisition criteria that consider the Group’s overarching financial and sustainability targets. This creates a large and qualitative acquisition deal flow, which in turn allows for diversification in the Group and good opportunities for profitable growth. Storskogen’s selective and systematic evaluation of acquisition candidates ensures high quality of the acquired companies.

Collective expertise

Storskogen’s central business area organisation employs people with expertise in various sectors, often with previous experience as CEO or CFO. The business areas are supported by other central functions with expertise in areas such as M&A, corporate development, sustainability, finance, human resources, legal and communication. The central organisation’s local presence in four geographical markets also provides excellent local and market knowledge.

Sustainable financial development

Storskogen has strong growth and earnings trends. Between 2019 and 2023, net sales and adjusted EBITA had a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 56 percent and 60 percent, respectively. Storskogen’s ability to generate strong cash flows that can be reinvested in the business units and in new acquisitions allows for sustained growth over time. 

  • 56%

    Annual average net sales growth

  • 60%

    Annual average adjusted EBTA growth

IR contact

For investor enquiries, please contact Andreas Lindblom, Head of Investor Relations.

Andreas Lindblom
Head of Investor Relations
E: ir@storskogen.com

We take pride in our companies

Storskogen is divided into three business areas – Trade, Industry and Services – consisting of a number of business units with operational presence in 30 countries.

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Our focused efforts on increasing organic EBITA growth and maintaining strong cash flows, are crucial steps towards reducing the leverage ratio and resuming growth through acquisitions

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