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Sweden has a proud tradition of producing talented entrepreneurs who have seized a business opportunity to start a company. At some point, the entrepreneur may decide to hand over the reins to a new owner, in connection with for example a generational shift or if the company needs to take the next step in its development. This is where Storskogen comes in. The founders of Storskogen all share a background as serial entrepreneurs which has shaped our mission to acquire successful companies from entrepreneurs. Since 2012, we have carried out over 140 acquisitions. We take pride in the good relationships we have established with business sellers and how often they choose to engage with Storskogen after the sale, often as shareholders and in operational capacities. Business sellers tend to appreciate the fact that we aim to be a stable owner and that we do not have an exit agenda or place a time limit on how long we aspire to maintain ownership of the companies we acquire.

We try to be sensitive to each business seller’s situation and to each company's unique circumstances, needs and potential.

Alexander Bjärgård, co-founder and EVP, Head of M&A and Corporate Development

What we're looking for

Storskogen focus is on acquiring stable and profitable companies with leading positions in their markets within our business areas Services, Industry and Trade. We value the following characteristics in the companies we acquire:

  • A proven, sustainable business model
  • Long-term relationships with customers and suppliers
  • A strong position in established industries without structural risks
  • A sustainable operating profit of over one million euros

We evaluate companies on their own merits – synergies are not a main consideration. Some of the businesses in Storskogen's various verticals, on the other hand, may have their own acquisition agendas that may be about extending their geographical reach or broadening their range by moving into an adjacent industry, or where they see that clear synergies can be extracted. These companies may have other characteristics than those stated above.

Storskogen's companies

Becoming part of Storskogen

Businesses are rarely cast in the same mould and naturally the reasons for selling a stable and profitable company vary. This is why we are sensitive to each company’s circumstances when we make acquisitions and why we adopt a flexible approach. As each entrepreneur and situation is unique, the transaction and price structure may look different for each individual acquisition. Sometimes, we obtain one hundred percent of the company directly, but often we allow the seller or other key managers to retain a minority stake in the business. Sellers may also have different plans after the sale. While some decide to end their operational role in the company, others are keen to continue as before or to take on a new role within the company, such as business development. We always try to find a solution that is beneficial for both the seller and the company.

During the acquisition process, we focus on the most important areas and strive to be as pragmatic and efficient as possible, so as not to disrupt the daily operations of the company. The large number of successful acquisitions we have made in recent years is testament to the efficiency of our acquisition process.

Being part of Storskogen

In Storskogen's decentralised model, each company retains responsibility for its strategy, skills supply and results. To remove responsibility would be to destroy the entrepreneurial spirit and drive that is the defining characteristic of Storskogen’s group of subsidiaries.

Storskogen provides its companies with a sounding board in the form of a professional board and an owner that takes responsibility for fulfilling the company's vision. Companies also gain access to a large network of talented employees with whom they can exchange ideas and share experiences. This network also extends beyond Storskogen's scope, to potential customers, suppliers and partners.

As an owner, Storskogen offers a degree of financial security that a sole business operator may not have. Together, we have the opportunity to take the necessary measures to secure a long-term competitive advantage, such as strengthening the company's structural capital and making the required investments. Successful companies are run by talented people, which is why we also support our companies in recruiting leaders in their field.


PV Systems

PV Systems is an automation company in Tidaholm, in the south west of Sweden, that helps companies to streamline their production. The company became part of Storskogen in 2016 and after a planned change of CEO in 2018, the new CEO, Roger Käll, and staff have successfully moved the company forward, increasing sales and maintaining profitability.



Plåthuset in Mälardalen, Enköping, became part of Storskogen in 2018. The Carlsson family has successfully run the company since 1993 and siblings Oscar, Andreas and Catrin continue to run the company.

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