Our vision is to be the best owner of small and medium-sized companies 

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Storskogen acquires and operates a diversified group of profitable companies with strong market positions

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Long-term perspective and entrepreneurship

Many well-run, profitable businesses reach a point where they consider it a good time to seek new ownership in order to secure their future and unlock their potential. Storskogen was founded in 2012 to meet this need and take on long-term ownership of companies. Today, we have grown into a well-diversified group of more than 100 business units divided into 14 verticals, with approximately SEK 21.5 billion in sales (LTM) as of 31 March 2022. Our success can be attributed to our long-term perspective and our focus on the driving forces for entrepreneurship.

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We take pride in our companies

Storskogen is divided into three business areas – Trade, Industry and Services – consisting of over 100 business units operating under their own brand names in 27 countries. A business unit can either be a company with its own subsidiaries or a standalone business.  What all companies in our group have in common is a focus on profitability, with stable cash flows and leading market positions.

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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting in Storskogen Group AB (publ)

The Annual General Meeting in Storskogen Group AB (publ) was held on 17 May 2022 at Moderna museet in Stockholm. The Annual General Meeting resolved upon, amongst other matters, election of Annette Brodin Rampe as new chairman of the board, authorisation to the board of directors to decide on issuances and repurchase of own shares, as well as long term incentive programs.

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