Our Story

Sweden has a long and proud tradition of producing successful entrepreneurial endeavors led by people who have seized business opportunities and started companies. During the course of their journey, the entrepreneur at one point or another may decide to hand over the reins to a new owner. This may for example be in connection with a generational shift or when the company needs to take a new path. This is why we started Storskogen.

Founded in 2012, Storskogen aquires and runs profitable and stable businesses within the Trade, Industry and Services sectors. Today we have built a diversified portfolio of more than 50 business units, employing in excess of 3000 people with an annualized turnover of more the 9 billion SEK. Storskogen has a proven acquisition and growth strategy and has adopted a decentralized and scalable business model guided by a long-term perspective. 

Do you want to know more about Storskogen?

For investor or media enquiries please don't hesitate to contact Lena Kraus, CFO or Daniel Kaplan, CEO.

Lena Krauss

Lena Krauss, CFO
T: +46(0)73 - 988 44 66 
E: lena@storskogen.com

Daniel Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan, CEO and founder
T: +46(0)73 - 920 94 00 
E: daniel@storskogen.com

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