Companies within Industry

ÅMV Production

ÅMV Production AB has its origins in Åsele Mekaniska Verkstad AB, which started operations in 1991. Today, the company is a contract manufacturer of major sheet metal work and steel structures, such as punching, water cutting, bending, nibbling, welding, riveting, blasting, wet painting, powder coating, assembly and repair work. ÅMV performs all kinds of sheet metal work with a modern machine park.

In 2021, ÅMV acquired Flexiheater, a provider of Swedish-made ground thawing systems. Flexiheater simplifies work for the construction industry by offering products that effectively melt frost, ice and snow, allowing for uninterrupted construction processes in the ground.

ÅMV Production

Companies within other business areas

Storskogen’s companies are divided into three business areas, Services, Trade and Industry, with underlying verticals. The companies contribute to good operational and geographical diversification, which creates stability and conditions for growth. The companies all have a strong market position, a proven business model, long-term profitability and an entrepreneurial spirit in common.