Storskogen Introduction

Founded in 2012 in Sweden, Storskogen has the vision to be the best owner of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Storskogen is an active acquirer of SMEs. Today, Storskogen is a global firm with 122 business units across Industry, Trade and Services. We have approximately 11,000 employees in 27 countries and run-rate annual sales of over S$4.6 billion.

We launched our office in Singapore in Jan 22 as a gateway to Asia with a local team and are actively looking to acquire companies in Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of Asia Pacific.

To find out more about Storskogen Group, please visit us at Home- Storskogen.

Storskogen is actively looking to acquire companies in Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of Asia-Pacific

How are we different?

  • Storskogen has a long-term outlook, and we do not intend to sell the companies we invest in or acquire.

  • The companies we acquire operate in a decentralised manner with the management continuing to operate each company as independent, entrepreneurial businesses.

  • We take pride in the good relationships we have with business sellers and how often they choose to continue to work with Storskogen after the sale, whether as shareholders or operators

Investment Criteria

  • Companies with an EBIT of more than S$2M (RM6M) and EBIT margins of >10%; companies with a strong position in a niche market with stable positive profit and cashflows 

  • We are industry agnostic and can acquire across a wide range of industries, subject to our ESG criteria

  • Upfront acquisition between 60% to 80%, with possibility of acquiring 100% over time; Storskogen is a flexible buyer, we listen to the selling party and accommodate a desired deal structure for both parties with a pragmatic approach

  • Strong corporate governance with audited financials and full tax compliance

Contact Us

We are always on the lookout for exciting new acquisitions. If you are a business owner looking to sell your business or an advisor representing a business, please contact the team at Storskogen Singapore. We would love to hear from you.

Mr. Lim Wei Kiat

M&A Director

E: weikiat.lim@storskogen.com

Mr. Choo Shuo-yen

Managing Director


Ms. Dong Xiaoqing

Investment Director

E: xiaoqing.dong@storskogen.com

Daniel Kaplan's interview with Shuo-yen

In our 2021 year end report, Storskogen's CEO Daniel Kaplan interviewed Managing Director Singapore Shuo-yen and discussed the importance of Singapore in Storskogen's international expansion. View the video by visiting the link.

Daniel Kaplan's interview with Shuo-yen