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2024-04-12, Views, Services
Elevating digital technology within and outside of Storskogen

Oskar Bjursten, Investment Director, considers the Digital Services vertical increasingly important for Storskogen, both as…
2023-12-13, Views, Services
Developing services for tomorrow’s needs

In the changing market landscape, the business units within the Contracting Services vertical are focusing on creating …
2023-11-10, Group news, Services
Skaraslättens Transport creates offering within energy storage
Storskogen’s transport company Skaraslättens Transport AB has entered a ten-year partnership with Ellevio Energy Solutions (EES). The tailored energy service solution wil…
2023-10-06, Transactions, Services
Storskogen strengthens its HR and Competence vertical
Storskogen has acquired a majority shareholding in The Physics Café Pte. Ltd. (“The Physics Café”), a leader in the private tuition industry in Singapore. The acquisition…
2023-05-23, Transactions, Services, Trade
Storskogen divests business units as part of strategic realignment
Storskogen has entered into an agreement to divest Dextry Group (“Dextry”), a constellation of painting companies, and has completed the divestment of Skidsta Hus AB (“Sk…
2023-04-03 Regulatory information, Corporate news, Services
Storskogen resolves upon a directed issue in connection with the acquisition of AC Electrical Services Group
Storskogen Group AB (publ) (“Storskogen”) has today acquired 80 percent of the shares in AC Electrical Services Group Limited (“ACE”). The Board of Directors of Storskoge…
2022-10-04, Transactions, Services
Storskogen’s subsidiary Växjö Elmontage acquires EnergiStyret
Storskogen has acquired 70 percent of the shares in EnergiStyret Kronoberg AB (“EnergiStyret”) through its subsidiary Växjö Elmontage AB (“Växjö Elmontage”). EnergiStyret…
2022-06-09, Transactions, Services
Storskogen's subsidiary Teodoliten acquires Projektstrateg
Storskogen has acquired 70 percent of the shares in Projektstrateg Sverige AB (”Projektstrateg”) through its subsidary Teodoliten Förvaltning AB (”Teodoliten”). Projektst…
2022-06-02, Transactions, Services
Storskogen’s subsidiary Skaraslättens Transport acquires Contilog
Storskogen has acquired 80 percent of the shares in Contain Svenska AB (“Contilog”) through its subsidiary Skaraslättens Transport AB (“Skaraslättens Transport”). Contilo…
2022-05-31 Regulatory information, Corporate news, Services
Storskogen resolves on a directed share issue to the sellers of Thermica
The Board of Directors of Storskogen Group AB (publ) (”Storskogen”) has, in accordance with the press release published on 9 May 2022 and based on the authorisation from …
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