Storskogen Introduction

Founded in 2012, Storskogen is a listed Swedish investment company with a vision to be the best owner of small and medium-sized companies. Storskogen is headquartered in Stockholm with offices in Singapore, London, Zurich, Munich, Copenhagen and Oslo.

We currently own more than 150 companies divided into three business areas, Services, Industry and Trade, in turn divided into 13 business verticals, including companies within for example education, installation, distribution and manufacturing.

We operate with a long-term perspective, with no intention to divest and the focus is to support our businesses to reach their potential. The companies we acquire operate in a decentralised manner with the management of each company continuing to operate as independent, entrepreneurial businesses.

We are excited to have launched our office in Singapore in 2022 as a gateway to Asia to acquire SMEs in search of new long-term ownership.

Investment Criteria

  • Companies with an EBIT of more than S$2M across a wide range of industries 
  • Companies with a strong position in a niche market with stable positive profit and cashflows 
  • EBIT-margins >10%
  • Upfront acquisition between 60% to 80%, with possibility of acquiring 100% over time
  • Storskogen is a flexible buyer, we listen to the selling party and accommodate a desired deal structure for both parties with a pragmatic approach

Contact Us

We are always on the lookout for exciting new acquisitions. If you have an interesting proposition, please contact the team at Storskogen Singapore. We would love to hear from you.

Mr. Lim Wei Kiat

M&A Director

E: weikiat.lim@storskogen.com

Mr. Choo Shuo-yen

Managing Director


Ms. Dong Xiaoqing

Investment Director

E: xiaoqing.dong@storskogen.com

Daniel Kaplan's interview with Shuo-yen

In our 2021 year end report, Storskogen's CEO Daniel Kaplan interviewed Managing Director Singapore Shuo-yen and discussed the importance of Singapore in Storskogen's international expansion. View the video by visiting the link.

Daniel Kaplan's interview with Shuo-yen