Interim report Q1 2023

“We had a good start to the year with net sales of SEK 9.2 billion (6.9) and continued strong earnings momentum resulting in an EBITA margin of 9.6 percent (8.2). While global uncertainty remains elevated, we continue to focus on improving profitability levels and cash flow, both fundamental pillars for enabling sustainable growth”, says Daniel Kaplan, CEO of Storskogen.

Read the interim report (PDF)


Interim Report Q2 2023

Financial calendar


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Annual Report

Annual Report 2022

“In barely a decade, Storskogen has grown into a business group that had sales of SEK 34.3 billion in 2022 – almost double compared with 2021. Due to the increasingly challenging macroeconomic environment, a series of activities were initiated over the year to strengthen Storskogen’s balance sheet, with good results so far. Once our leverage has been reduced, the aim is to increase acquisition-driven growth”, says Daniel Kaplan, CEO.

To the report (PDF)