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Interim report January-September 2022
Regulatory information
“Net sales increased by 113 percent to SEK 24.4 billion (11.5) in the first nine months. Most of the increase is attributable to acquisitions, with organic growth for the…
Invitation to presentation of Storskogen’s interim report for the third quarter 2022
On 15 November 2022 at 07:00 (CET), Storskogen announces its interim report for the third quarter 2022. In connection with the announcement, a presentation will be held b…
Storskogen’s CEO rearranges his shareholding
Storskogen's CEO and co-founder Daniel Kaplan has chosen to repay parts of current bank loans and take up a new loan in a wholly owned company. In connection with this, 1…
Storskogen expands Group management team
Regulatory information
Storskogen Group AB (publ) has decided to expand its Group management team with Philip Lofgren, Head of Storskogen UK, effective 10 October 2022.
Storskogen Norway acquires Cutrin Norge
Storskogen has acquired 100 percent of the shares in Cutrin Norge Gruppen AS (“Cutrin Norge”). The company distributes professional hair care products and is an exclusive…
Storskogen’s subsidiary Växjö Elmontage acquires EnergiStyret
Storskogen has acquired 70 percent of the shares in EnergiStyret Kronoberg AB (“EnergiStyret”) through its subsidiary Växjö Elmontage AB (“Växjö Elmontage”). EnergiStyret…
Nomination Committee appointed for Storskogen Group AB’s Annual General Meeting 2023
Regulatory information
In accordance with the decision by the extraordinary general meeting on 24 September 2021, the Nomination Committee shall consist of four members. The Nomination Committe…
CMTi joins Storskogen Group
Storskogen has invested in CMTi Pte. Ltd. (“CMTi”), a leading interconnect solutions specialist in Singapore. CMTi is Storskogen’s sixth acquisition within the vertical A…
Storskogen Capital Markets Day 2022: Ensuring resilience in volatile market conditions by calibrating short-term priorities
Storskogen enters into a new term facility agreement
Regulatory information
Storskogen Group AB (publ) (“Storskogen”) has entered into a new, unsecured syndicated term facility agreement of EUR 300 million. The purpose of the facility agreement i…
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