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Storskogen acquires Brenderup Group
Stockholm, July 7, 2021 - Storskogen has acquired a majority stake in Brenderup Group, Scandinavia's largest supplier and one of Europe's leading brands in trailers and b…
Storskogen acquires Roleff – its first acquisition in Germany
Altbach, 28 June 2021 – Storskogen has acquired a majority stake in Roleff GmbH & Co. KG, based in Altbach in Baden-Würtemberg, Gemany. Roleff is specialised in industria…
Storskogen acquires EnRival - a private nationwide employment service
Stockholm, 1 July 2021 - Storskogen has acquired the majority of shares in EnRival. The company performs services for several different labor market projects and has a lo…
Storskogen acquires the logistics company Zymbios
Stockholm, June 28, 2021 - Storskogen has acquired a majority stake in Zymbios, a logistics company that offers high-quality third-party warehouse services, so-called 3PL…
Storskogen and Artum combine forces in DACH
Zurich, Switzerland, 29th of June 2021 – Storskogen and Artum, the leading Swiss industrial holding company, will unite and further strengthen the ambition to acquire and…
Storskogen has acquired the education company Newton
Stockholm, June 18, 2021 - Storskogen has acquired Newton, an educational and polytechnic company in the real estate, construction, IT, finance and communication sectors …
Storskogen acquires Ecochange
Stockholm, June 4, 2021 - Storskogen has acquired Ecochange, a market-leading supplier of corporate benefit bicycles for customers in both private and government organisa…
Storskogen acquires the e-commerce company Vårdväskan
Stockholm, 31 May 2021 - Storskogen has acquired the majority of the shares in Vårdväskan AB, an e-commerce company specializing in products for healthcare professionals …
Storskogen acquires the wholesaler Jofrab TWS
Stockholm, June 1, 2021 - Storskogen has acquired Jofrab TWS, a market-leading wholesaler for the sports specialist retailer of bicycles, mopeds and electric bicycles wit…
Storskogen acquires Lindberg Stenberg Arkitekter
Stockholm, 12 May 2021 - Storskogen has acquired the majority of the shares in Lindberg Stenberg Arkitekter. The company provides architectural services from untouched la…
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