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Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about Storskogen. In addition to interesting companies to acquire, we are constantly looking for talented and driven people who can add expertise to our companies and boards.

Our team

You can reach our team of specialist using the email format:
If you have a media-inquiry contact media@storskogen.com
If you want to contact investor relations contact ir@storskogen.com

Philip Lofgren

CEO Storskogen UK

Leonard Cripps

M&A Manager UK

Daniel Manton

M&A Manager UK

Ludvig Flyborg

M&A Associate UK

Helen James

Head of Finance UK

Matthew Gunby

Investment Manager UK

Oz Chaudhry

Financial Controller UK

Peter Ahlgren

Head of Business Area, Services

Louise Ankarcrona

Business Controller

Hanna Asplund

Group Accountant

Christine Bahade

Financial Controller

Johan Berghult

Financial Controller

Fredrik Bergegård

Head of Business Area, Industry

Alexander Bjärgård

Head of M&A, Co-founder

Chanel Braddon

Investment Manager, Services

Ulrika Brinck

HR Manager

Truls Browall


Oskar Bjursten

Investment Director Digital Services

Erika Butterworth

Investment Director Trade

Catarina Drott

Investment Manager Services

Andreas Ebberstein

System Owner Business Controll

Johan Ekström


Lena Glader


Christer Hansson

Head of Business Area, Trade

Petronella Jangstam

M&A Associate

Antonia Josefsson

Investment Manager, Trade

Lina Falk Jiménez

Investment Manager, Services

Daniel Kaplan

CEO, Co-founder

Thomas Larsson

Head of Segment, Installation

Henrik Lindquist


Kajsa Lööf

Investment Manager, Industry

Carl Miörner

Financial Controller

Michael Metzler

PR & Content

Rebecca Mattsson

Executive trainee CEO

Mikael Neglén

CEO Storskogen DACH

Hanna Nelson

Executive Trainee CFO

Margareta Noyan

Investment Manager Industry

Lars Nottehed

CEO Storskogen Germany

Amelie Nordin

Head of Sustainability

Josefin Pagard

Office Manager

Alexandra Pechhold

Financial Controller

Thomas Pilo

Investment Director Construction & Engineering Services

Alexander Rey

Group Accounting

Niclas Rundlöf

Head of Segment, Infrastructure

Louise St Cyr Ohm

Head of Legal

Tom Salokanto

Investment Manager, Services

Jacob Sandström

Investment Manager, Trade

Wilhelm Scholander

Investment Manager, Trade

Vilhelm Stern


Johan Sjölander

Head of Segment, Industry

Julia Swartling


Jonas Tulldahl

Corporate Development

Karin Wennerstål

Group Treasury Manager

Susanna Paulson

Business Controller

Anders Eriksson

Head of Group Accounting

Mattias Kristiansson

Investment Manager Industry

Susanna Dörlich

Head of Accounting and Cash Management