Storskogen's business areas

Storskogen is divided into three business areas: Services, Trade and Industry. The business areas are divided into 14 verticals that consist of business units, that are stand-alone entities or companies with subsidiaries. The Head of Industry, Services and Trade, are responsible for supporting the development of the business units along with an organisation consisting of Investment Directors and Investment Managers. Together they work to ensure that management and the board, pursue strategic and financial goals for the individual companies.

A diversified group of profitable companies gives us the stability to be a long-term owner with the capacity to support companies with capital and expertise.

Peter Ahlgren, Head of Business Area Services


The Services business area consists of service companies with strong positions in specific B2B niches. Business verticals include:

  • Installation
  • Logistics
  • Contracting Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering Services
  • Digital Services
  • HR and Competence

Services comprises 62 business units with a total of 5,140 employees at the end of Q4 2022.


Trade consist of companies with strong brands in their respective markets, with the largest subsegment consisting of distributors and wholesalers with their own and external brands. Trade is divided into the following verticals:

  • Home and Living
  • Health and Beauty
  • Sports, Clothing and Accessories
  • Niche Businesses

Trade covers 35 business units with a total of 2,417 employees at the end of Q4 2022.


The Industry business area encompasses traditional industrial companies in heavy or medium-heavy industry, serial production and automation, divided into the following business verticals:

  • Industrial Technology
  • Automation 
  • Products

The Industry business area consists of 39 business units with a total of 5,276 employees at the end of Q4 2022.


The Services business area's share of Storskogen's sales in Q4 2022.


The Trade business area's share of Storskogen's sales in Q4 2022.


The Industry business area's share of Storskogen's sales in Q4 2022.

Business Area Management

Peter Ahlgren, Head of Services
T: +46 (0)70 640 25 68
E: peter.ahlgren@storskogen.com

Christer Hansson, Head of Trade
T: +46 (0)70 598 06 19
E: christer.hansson@storskogen.com

Fredrik Bergegård, Head of Industry
T: +46 (0)70-357 60 25
E: fredrik.bergegard@storskogen.com

We take pride in our companies

Storskogen comprises 136 business units with a number of subsidiaries. Historically we have focused on acquiring businesses throughout Sweden, often with clients in many parts of the world. In 2020 Storskogen acquired its first company outside of Sweden and have since expanded into Denmark, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and the UK with local teams in place. 

Storskogen's companies